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You might want to print this page so you can have it beside when you want to add pictures to the Photo Gallery.

Both are the same so you can chose which is easier for you to understand.  You can chose the one written out or go with the one that is numbered below.  They both should get you to the same outcome. 

In order to upload your images to the site you must be logged in. After you have logged in click on “Photo Gallery” then you will see an option for "User Panel". Select the "User Panel" and you will be taken to the User Panel screen. There are two options: "Upload" and "Categories". You must create a "Category" the first time before you can upload any images. Select the "Categories" option. On the next screen select "New Category". Enter a Category name (usually your name) in the blank field. Leave the "Alias" field blank as the software will automatically populate it. Pull down the "Parent Category" tab and select "Photo Gallery" as the option. Once you have completed these steps select the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen. You will then be taken back to the "Categories" page and you should see your category. You are now ready to upload your images to your own category. If for any reason you choose to edit your category name you must delete the entry in the "Alias" field before you save any update. Now that you have created your category return to the User Panel and select the "Upload" button. Select your "Category" from the pull down menu. Assign a generic title for your upload. The generic title will apply to all the images in that upload. Click the choose file button (the picture can't be exceed 2 MB) to search your hard drive for the images, select your image and hit the upload button. There are three options for uploading. "Single Image" allows you to upload up to 3 images at a time. "Batch Upload" allows you to upload a Zipped file of images and "Java Upload" allows you to upload multiple images. You must be running a JAVA plug-in of version 1.5 or higher to use this option. Please be aware of the "Upload Quota" warning notes in the center of the page.


Here is another way to look at it.

1. Login - Make sure you have Logged in to the site on the Home page.

2. Click on Photo Gallery tab at the top

3. Go to User Panel

4. Create a Category

5. Categories ... option

6. New Category (enter your name)

7. Leave Alias field blank

8. Click Parent Category tab .... select Photo Gallery

9. Select Save at bottom of screen

10. It will take you back to Categories

11. You are ready to upload your images ....You have created your category

12. Return to the User Panel

13. Select Upload button

14. Select your Category from pull down

15. Fill in a Generic Title for the photo you are going to upload 

16. Click the choose file button (the picture can't be exceed 2 MB

17. Click upload

(three options )

           1. You can do Single Image (up to 3)

           2. Batch Upload ... upload a zipped file

           3. Java Upload ... Multiple images

Good luck and have fun and let us see some pictures