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     You will need to login to the site to use some of the menu features. If you are unable to login please contact Barbara Whitten Todd by e-mail for instructions. When you click on “Classmates” (after you login) you get a complete list of our class. They are in alphabetical order by Last name. When you click on a name, you can see what that classmate has entered. Those that show City, State, Zip are ones who had good addresses. Click on someones name on the page you will see what displays for those who we currently have good addresses for. Please go in and fill out your profile. We have hidden the street address for privacy purposes. Email addresses will display only if the classmate wants it to display. If you want to look for someone special you can do that by clicking on Search User on the upper right hand corner of the page.  If you pull down the arrow above the Search Users you will see the list of missing classmates and those who are deceased. We have a field for “Deceased” in the database, so whenever we learn that anyone has passed away, we can update their profile to reflect their passing. Let’s hope we don’t have to do much of that for another anytime so. If you click on “Missing Classmates” you will see classmates for whom we have no address information for.  If you can help us find some of them, that would be fantastic.  If you see your name also get intouch with me so I can take you off.
We will be adding more Memories topics in the future

 Note that if you have a Facebook page, we can link it. If you need help just let me know.  If you don’t have a Facebook page, it is a WONDERFUL way to reconnect with people from throughout your life! Our class also has a Facebook page- Monterey Class of '65. Please click to “link this” and if you register with Facebook you can go to our Class Facebook page. 

 Below will be added soon.

 You may upload photos to the “Images” gallery for other registered users to see. Go to the “Images” page and click on “User Panel” link at the top. You will need to create your own category for your   images under the "Users" category. Enter a title for the gallery, leave the alias field blank and then    enter a short description (such as your name) if you choose. Select whether you want your images restricted to registered users only or viewable by the public. Click the "yes" button for "Published" and then save. The gallery will then be available to you on the uploads page.

You can create up to 10 unique galleries  for your photos. Photos can also be uploaded from the “Gallery” tab in your Profile.

 If you will add comments and topics in the Forum, that will create fun interaction for people. Please participate!Top of Form


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